therapy_children_familiesTherapy with Teenagers and Families

Teenagers can sometimes experience the same sorts of problems adults can face, but without the life experience to manage themselves well.  Because teenagers’ brains are still developing, they can also lack an understanding of the risks of their actions.

Psychotherapy and counselling with the Porchlight Practice can be very valuable to teens; to provide them with a confidential space to share their worries; to provide them with tools and techniques for managing their feelings; and to offer professional support for emerging mental health concerns such as phobias, eating disorders or obsessive and compulsive behaviours.

Teenagers can often get involved in harmful behaviours such as self-harm, substance misuse and risk taking.  Psychotherapy can help teenagers to understand the risks involved in their actions and to learn tools and strategies for understanding and managing their feelings in safer ways.

Teenagers have to want this support and sometime our therapists can work with parents to help them to manage their relationships with their children more effectively.  Work can also be done with whole families as a group to support the family unit to function and communicate more effectively.