group_psychotherapyGroup Psychotherapy

Group psychotherapy takes place in small groups of four to six people.  Most problems that we experience in life, and that bring us to counselling or therapy, have as a basic common difficulty that of making and maintaining close and satisfying relationships with others. In a psychotherapy group we have the opportunity to explore how we relate to others and the difficulties we experience in this, and also to experiment with changing how we relate for the better (for us). The group is a kind of ‘social laboratory’ for us to do that. The insight and changes we make can then be ‘carried over’ to our relationships with others in our lives outside the group.

Those wishing to join a psychotherapy group at the Porchlight Practice should first work individually for a minimum of six sessions before joining one of our groups.  Please contact the practice for more details.


The Porchlight Practice is located at 122 Highgate, to the right of the main entrance to the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal.  The entrance is within a yard, the blue doors of which face the main road in between the road entrance to the Brewery and the pedestrian entrance (beside the youth hostel).

There is a pay and display car park at the Brewery Arts Centre and there are usually spaces free.

Contact Info and Costs

Contact:  If you would like to know more about psychotherapy or counselling, or wish to book an appointment, please call or text Beren on 0789 169 3158, or email

Costs:  One to one or couples psychotherapy or counselling happens in one hour sessions at a cost of £60 per hour.  Many clients experience relief of presenting symptoms after six to ten sessions.  Professional supervision costs £60 per hour.  Training courses are developed bespoke for clients and costs vary.

The Porchlight Practice reserves a number of sessions each week to be offered at lower cost to those on low incomes.  If you feel this describes your situation then please discuss this at enquiry.